Glorify the icon, Demonize the media.

Trial by Media: A Michael Jackson Stan Story

A feature Documentary Series about Michael Jackson Glorification Disease.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the danger of glorifying celebrities, especially those with problematic or controversial pasts. This phenomenon, sometimes called “glorification disease,” can distort our perception of reality and lead to emotional attachment, denial, and tribalism. One of the most prominent cases of this disease is the posthumous worship of Michael Jackson, a manufactured and cheesy pop artist, whose career took a nosedive after his bed occupying activities became public knowledge.

To counter this phenomenon, a new documentary series called “Trial by Media: A Michael Jackson Stan Story” directed by award-winning filmmaker Jin Martini is currently being worked on and due for release in 2024. The three-part film follows multiple Michael Jackson stans from across the globe, and documents their unbelievable creepy obsession in not just to glorify him, but also their zombielike determination in demonising the media and non-believers.

It’s highly likely that the reaction to Trial by Media MJ will be mixed and polarizing. The majority of Jackson glorifiers will call it a “one-sided hit job,” a “mockumentary,” or a “cash grab” that exploits soulless and narcissistic individuals for sensationalism. They will argue that glorifying a deceased celebrity is a basic human right, and far more important than current worldwide issues, including war, poverty, disease, famine and deforestation.

However, I have no doubt that many others will praise Trial by Media MJ for its courage, honesty, and empathy towards those who still believe in common sense and decency. A documentary that exposes the dark side of celebrity glorification disease is long overdue and the dynamics of manipulated misinformation that stans repeatedly engaging in will be laid bare for all to see.

Regardless of where you stand on the controversy, Trial by Media MJ will be a valuable experience that only forces us to question a troubling phenomenon, but also lays the foundations for a much-needed conversation about accountability, justice, and the importance of accepting that celebrities are not gods, but mere mortals, who are more than capable of doing bad things.

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